Nwow Technology 2020 Fall construction tour
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Life is not only the present casual, there are poems and distant;  The work is not limited to the two points at home, of course, there are also the team building activities.  

On October 24, 2020, under the organization of the Human Resources Department, all the staff of Umwa Technology and their families drove an hour to Wuxi Lianghong Wetland Park to start the one-day team construction activity. Everyone laughed and the atmosphere was high.  

The purpose of the construction of the team is to enhance team cohesion and centrivity, enrich the cultural life of employees, increase communication between departments, improve the cohesion of the team as a whole, and enhance the awareness of cooperation between teams through various small games.  

At 10 o 'clock in the morning, the group construction activities officially kicked off.  

Paper cup transmission first appeared, it needs the expansion force of the balloon of the team members to hold up the paper cup, the scope of activity is very small, very inconvenient, so the technical requirements are relatively high, the ability of cooperation between the students is also relatively high.  In this activity, the awareness of cooperation between teams was cultivated, the team competitiveness was enhanced, and the feelings among employees were enhanced. 

t's a real treat to enjoy a delicious meal at the end of a morning of outdoor group building.  Friends enjoy delicious food and share happiness. 

In addition to the paper cup transmission, we also organized a series of wonderful activities, such as snowball rolling, One Heart train, magic circle of love, Tornado, A4 paper transmission, etc. The staff gave full play to the spirit of teamwork, not afraid of difficulties, and excelled in completing one activity after another. 

The scene of the activity is both passionate and warm and harmonious. In each activity, the staff have a tacit understanding and cooperation, and all carry forward the spirit of selfless dedication, unity and cooperation. They help and encourage each other, and enjoy their youthful enthusiasm.  

After the event, the team took a group photo, and their excitement and joy was palpable. 

This activity strengthened the communication and cooperation among employees, and also made everyone deeply realize that the strength of a person is limited, while the strength of a team is indestructible. The success of the team requires the joint efforts of every member of us.  

As the saying goes, a single thread is not a line, a single tree does not become a forest, the same team, can do nothing, can also achieve great cause, a team has a variety of roles, everyone should find their own position, because there is no perfect individual, only the perfect team!