Warmly celebrate the successful signing ceremony of NWOW Technology & Nanjing University of Technology Graduate Workstation and talent introduction
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On the morning of April 24, 2021, the unveiling ceremony of jiangsu Graduate Workstation established by Jiangsu Umwa Technology Co., Ltd. and Nanjing University of Technology was held in Wuxi.  

Present at the signing ceremony were xishan district technology bureau director leaves the mountain, mount xishan district party committee organization department ministerial committee wei too, party secretary of tin Bei Town Li Guangfei, tin Bei Town, vice secretary of party committee, deputy mayor Wang Sailiang and nanjing university of technology academy dean hong-xi Chen severus, overseas education college, jiangsu well wow technology co., LTD., chairman of kangding wu, nanjing well wow intelligent technology co., LTD  General Manager Xu Zhixing, etc. 

Uh wow graduate workstation with nanjing university of technology, science and technology is well wow technology is important in the talent development, introduction, training measures, is "stretched the talent cultivation to the colleges and universities" of the specific implementation, give full play to their respective advantages for colleges and universities and enterprises, provides a good platform for training innovative talents, the two sides in manufacture-learning-research cooperation relations, joint efforts,  It will realize the sharing of existing resources and coordinated development, and bring a broader space for win-win cooperation.  At the same time, the rapid development of the company is inseparable from the careful guidance and accurate service of the district and town leaders and relevant departments. 


Chairman Kang Dingwu delivered a speech  

Xishan, as the "important growth pole" of Wuxi, has in recent years adhered to talents as the strongest driving force and engine for innovation and development. Adhering to the concept of "loving talents, gathering talents, helping talents and flourishing talents", Xishan Has vigorously implemented the "Xishan Talents Plan" and its upgraded version, forming a pattern of mutual achievement and mutual benefit between the city and talents.  This cooperation not only opens a new era for Umwa Technology to accelerate its own development, but also injects a strong impetus for Xishan to build itself into a first-class innovation achievement transformation base in the Yangtze River Delta and promote the integrated development of industry and talent. 


Director Ye Shangshan delivered a speech  

Chen Hongxi, dean of the Research Institute of Nanjing University of Technology, and Wang Zhirong, dean of the College of Overseas Education, delivered speeches respectively. 

                                            President Chen Hongxi delivered a speech


President Wang Zhirong delivered a speech  

The first round was the signing ceremony for the vice president of science and technology of Awah Technology & Nanjing Institute of Technology with Associate Professor Ran. 

The opening ceremony of the graduate Workstation of Nanjing University of Technology was held in the second round. 

Well, as a high-tech company, it has its own graduate work station ever since.  The graduate workstation will focus on scientific and technological innovation and the cultivation of high-level talents, carry out research and development, training activities, through technology, equipment, management, collaborative innovation research activities, improve the product technology strength of the enterprise, and jointly cultivate a large number of scientific research elites with Nanjing University of Technology.  

The signing ceremony of the appointment of the vice president of Science and technology and the unveiling ceremony of the graduate workstation achieved a great success, which also marked the opening of a new chapter in the development of Umwow Technology!