The NWOW electric vehicle was unveiled at the Sri Lankan Ministry of Defence hall
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Sri Lanka's Ministry of Defence is presenting 50 electric tricycles to a group of armed forces war heroes of different abilities in view of the upcoming 74th Independence Day celebrations.  

After the procurement news was released, various electric vehicle companies participated in the market competition. After rigorous testing by the Ministry of National Defense, NWOW finally stood out because of its high quality and cost-effective products, and reached a cooperation agreement with the Ministry of National Defense of Sri Lanka. 


Sri Lanka Ministry of Defence gift ceremony  


Since its establishment, NWOW technology has been constantly strengthening product development and innovation, and actively respond to the national "One Belt and One Road" call, the implementation of the "go out" strategy, explore overseas markets, with excellent product quality and good product strength, NWOW electric car overseas sales achieved good results. 


Overseas warehouse  


Under the efforts of people all well wow, the company set up graduate smoothly workstation, with many domestic colleges and universities to establish the industry-university-institute cooperation projects, investing in the Philippines for two production base, set up in wuxi well wow new energy technology co., LTD., the cumulative gain more than 60 various patents, etc., provides a strong guarantee for the development of the company.  

In the future, Umwa Technology will continue to strengthen its overseas market expansion, build overseas marketing network, improve services, broaden channels, expand exports, and provide customers with high-quality products and service experience.  To further enhance the competitiveness of NWOW electric vehicles in overseas markets, show the strength of China's electric vehicle manufacturing industry, and shine the light of Chinese brands.